Saddle up with the perfect girth for your Arena Saddle!

The most comfortable accessory for your beautiful Arena saddle is finally here!

We’ve just revealed our perfect range of Arena Girths in keeping with our classically crafted saddles that are adored for their beauty, comfort and practicality. With their detailed styling and quality hardware, simple elegance encompasses this new range of girths. Our girths are designed to minimise interference with your horse’s natural movement and maximise stability of your saddle, so you can be confident your horse is as comfortable as you are and free to move.

Made from soft and comfortable technical materials, the Arena girth range has been designed to endure the repetitive forces that come with every stride. We wanted to make classic girths without compromising on your horse’s comfort, so our range of girths feature the perfect amount of elasticity for your horse’s comfort, but not too much to avoid overtightening. 

Arena Classic Girth

The slimline and subtle chafeless shaping of the Arena Classic Girth is a traditional girth reimagined with horse comfort in mind. Its sleek design makes this girth the perfect choice for riders who prefer a traditional look while enjoying the benefits of technical, sweat-resistant materials.  

Arena Comfort Girth

Further enhancing the comfort of a traditionally designed girth, we also created the Arena Comfort Girth. Specifically placed shaping across the sternum and elastic on either side offers your horse total comfort allowing them freedom of movement on the flat and over fences. 

Arena Stud Girth

The Arena Stud Girth is the trifecta that rounds out our new range. Purposefully designed comfort shaping with an extreme cut away, this protective and slimline girth is shaped to allow your horse the freedom to move with ease. It’s the perfect girth for show jumpers and eventers. 

All three beautiful Arena girths are available in various sizes in both black and brown at your favourite saddlery store or online. Saddle up and trot on in comfort this season!