Look up your saddle's serial number

Your saddle’s serial number can tell you your saddle’s age, seat size and model type. Below is a simple guide to finding out key information about your Arena saddle through its serial number.

If you are researching this to purchase a second hand saddle, please note that there is no way of knowing from the outside whether alterations have been made to the saddle. Seek the advice your local Arena Saddles retailer if you have any concerns.

Serial number location

Your serial number can be found on the under-flap of your saddle, the side that will sit next to your horse/ saddle blanket.

Saddle age

You can find your saddle’s age through the first two numbers of your saddle’s serial number. If this first two numbers are 19 the year of manufacture is 2019, 20 = 2020, 21 = 2012 and so on.

Seat size

You can find you saddle’s seat size is the last two numbers of your saddles serial number which will be shown in centimetres. For example, 43 cm = 17 inch, 44 cm = 17.5 inch and 46 cm = 18 inch.


Your saddle’s model type will be stamped into the underside of your saddle flap near the Arena Saddles logo or the serial number. AP = All Purpose and DR = Dressage.

Saddle systems

All Arena saddles feature HART (Horse and Rider Technology) this is shown by a HART badge underneath your saddle’s cantle.

Specialist conformations

Saddles made for specialist conformations such as our Wide/Cob or High Wither models will have either W = Wide (Cob) or HW = High Wither stamped on the saddle flap. 

Need more?

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